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Don’t Be Shy, Ask for Help: What to do if courses cancel and other problems

By Manuela Correa—

Being in quarantine has changed my whole life. My pre-COVID life was very different and at this point, I am surprised at how my plans changed in so many different ways. For instance, most of them were supposed to be done after spring break 2020 such as registering for the fall semester, my promotion at my job, pass the CWE, some traveling, but everything was replaced by the quarantine, remote learning and getting used to using my computer almost 24/7.

I was so upset about it because I planned all of my 2020 year. However, as I said, I had to get used to it, and I found solutions for almost every problem and necessity I had using the computer.

One of the plans that I had was to graduate in the Fall Semester 2020, but now I am able to do it this Spring 2021. However, I had more issues than I realized. I assumed that I just had to register, and I was done with all my classes, but that was not what was going to happen.

There were some changes that I did not think that would happen to me. Most of the classes, and principally the major electives, were not offered by the college, so I felt lost because I did not know what to do or who should I contact.

I did not do anything, so I waited until I could talk to someone that I can trust to help me. The staff of Visions Newspaper had the opportunity of interviewing our College President, Dr. Steven Rose.

During the interview, the president answered questions about the changes, new rules, and success of the remote learning and how the semester will work this Spring. Also, he was asked about the financial changes that the college has suffered during the pandemic. For instance, the college is saving money on energy because there is less activity at the campuses.

Besides, talking about money and benefits, Dr. Rose spoke about the benefits and opportunities that students have right now at the college. For example, the college has been offering more scholarships that could cover some classes if the students need them.

As we continued to talk, we focused on the registration problem and President Rose and Dr. Redman-Waldeyer gave me all the answers that I needed. They told me that I had to contact Professor Nina Alsbrook-Jackson because she is the head of the English department.

After the meeting, I contacted her through her secretary Lorraine Hicks and the next day I had an appointment via Zoom with Professor Alsbrook-Jackson. She asked me to register in the Independent Studies course and other classes that would help me to complete the classes that I have left.

Professor Alsbrook-Jackson and Lorraine Hicks were very open, kind, and understanding with me. They answered all my questions with patience and long explanations that made me understand what I needed and why. Right now, I am registered for five classes and I am part of the independent studies group.

At the end, understanding Dr. Rose’s point of view, he wanted to focus on the fact that as students, we should be more aware of the help that the college has for us. He asked to be less shy and try to talk to someone. There are counselors, professors and the rest of the staff that is there to help us to succeed and achieve what we need.

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