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Covid Mandates Dividing Our Country

-- By Amanda Reiner

...Being kind, understanding, and thoughtful will make the lives of everyone in the USA a little more secure...

With mask mandates being dropped all over the country tensions rise as those in the service industry are faced with the important decision of whether or not they should still enforce a mask mandate in their privately owned business. With the safety of staff and clients in mind many beauty salons, stores and other businesses have chosen to continue to require their patrons to wear masks while being serviced or upon entry. Although this decision is made for no other reason than to contain the spread of Covid many consumers are outraged as they feel as though they are losing their own personal freedoms.

Being an individual working front desk in a beauty salon I myself have come in contact with people that solidly refuse this mandate. Many people claim to have health conditions that do not allow them to wear a mask for an extended period of time such as asthma or chronic pulmonary diseases.   When refused service, clients bring up the argument that it is illegal to mandate masks on those with disabilities. This argument has caused many businesses and even airlines such as JetBlue and Spirit Airlines to completely ban medical exemptions from mask wearing altogether (Pitrelli).

Others simply refuse because they feel offended by being made to wear a mask. This has more to do with not wanting to be given orders rather than legitimate scientific reasoning. Many clientele in my personal experience will belittle workers that must enforce these rules, telling them they are illogical and going as far as claiming only their doctors or higher powers should be able to tell them what they can or can’t do.   While these individuals can simply make the decision to leave the business and get serviced elsewhere, workers do not face as easy of a choice and have no option but to wear and mandate masks for up to 8 hours a day or more facing abuse by those who have politicized mask wearing.

Whether or not you like wearing a mask, it is unnecessary to show hatred and malice towards those forced to mandate mask wearing. In some cases workers are even faced with physical violence when following Covid protocols.   Just this Thursday in NYC at a popular restaurant named Carmines, a 22 year old hostess was brutally attacked by three tourists when asked to show their vaccination cards (Harding). This is an executive order that was passed earlier in the week to keep those that are indoor dining safe while the delta strain of Covid has been ravaging the American population.

It is obvious to see the divide Covid has caused between Americans. I feel as though the safety of our country as a whole will always reign more important than certain populations feeling as though they are still in control of every aspect of their life.  Miseducation and ignorance is a disease that has been spread throughout the course of this pandemic. It is greatly vital for everyone to do their part and follow Covid restrictions and guidelines.   America is a country that is widely known for its political freedoms but how can we be a free and just country when those enforcing safety procedures are not safe themselves.    Maybe one day we will leave all that the pandemic has changed behind us but in the meantime being kind, understanding, and thoughtful will make the lives of everyone in the USA a little more secure and ensure a safe future for the generations ahead.

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