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COVID-19 Testing Now Available on Campus

Updated: Mar 12, 2021

In an effort to maintain a safe educational space, while anticipating a transition back to normal life amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, Passaic County Community College is now offering COVID test to students, free of charge. Testing will be held every Tuesday and Wednesday in the Game Room from 10:00AM – 02:00PM, until further notice.

Testing is not a requirement, however PCCC urges students and faculty to get tested weekly, as regular testing can greatly reduce the chances of a potential outbreak. The results are made available within 15 minutes of administering the test.

As a precaution, PCCC students and faculty are required to have their temperature taken at designated points of entry before admittance on campus.

For those who have not taken a test, fret not for the procedure is simple, fast, and painless. A long swab, similar to a “Q-Tip” is violently rammed up your ---- just kidding! The “Q-Tip” like tool is placed up your nostril where, it swabs the area for only a few seconds. Paterson resident Erin Spadaro told us in reference to taking the swab, “I couldn’t stop laughing!”

Roughly 15 minutes later, the results of the test are known.

Being that the test is a minimally invasive and all-around easy procedure, there is no excuse for on campus students and faculty not to get tested regularly. Make sure to do your part, stop by the game room, and get your test whenever you can!

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