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Classes Students Should Take

Updated: Mar 2, 2020

By Angel Camacho, Advice Columnist—

Students at PCCC struggle with what classes to take or what professor to take the class with.

Most of the students at PCCC are also afraid of asking for help or guidance from the faculty on campus. Honestly students shouldn’t be scared.

For example, Daniel Quevedo is a Graphic Design Major. Quevedo 19, has been attending PCCC since the Fall 2018 semester. When asked how he picks his classes he responded, “I usually look through my audit and see what’s available so it can work with my work schedule."

Another student, Kevin Gerlein is an Engineering major. Gerlein 20, says, “I usually look at Rate my Professor, so I don’t end up with the wrong professor."

Personally, most of the classes are only offered once with the same professor or at a certain day and time like Acting I for example with Randy G. Rader.

What I’m trying to say is don’t rely on websites like Rate my Professor, always rely on your audit on your portal and try to work with the schedule.

If you’re an English major for example, and you need to pick an elective between Journalism or Children’s Literature it would be best to choose Journalism. I say Journalism because it’s an in-person class while Children’s literature is an online only class.

Of course, some people wouldn’t mind an online class but the majority want a face to face class because at least the professor would be teaching you.

Another thing I’d like to add is sometimes a class is offered at different times and taught by different professors. Most of the classes are taught by an adjunct while there is at least one full-timer that’s teaching that class.

If you truly want to learn it would be best if you take it with the full-timer because sometimes adjuncts don’t cover the material as well.

Students at the end of the day should choose what benefits them and their major or if they work a lot they should choose whatever fits their schedule as long as they obtain the knowledge and graduate with a clear understanding in their major.

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