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Celebrating Teacher Excellence

On the afternoon of Thursday, May 26, The Teacher Excellence Project hosted a celebration of the Instructional & Applied Learning Lab at the PCCC Library. The Student Photography Reception was on display as part of a generous donation from the participating student photographers.

Photography by Jenny Hernandez

As faculty and students congregated amongst each other in a lively environment, Professor Alan Mitnick provided a beautiful performance with live music. An arrangement of refreshments were offered as well.

The Teacher Excellence Project is a program a part of a Title IV grant currently in its 3rd of 5th year. This project focuses on promoting student retainment in order to ensure graduation. This also supports faculty in professional development by hosting workshops to help support teachers.

Project Coordinator Tanya Da Silva highlighted, “This is a celebration of the culmination of what we can offer here at the college.”

Photography by Jenny Hernandez

In support of the cause, students of Professor Mark Hilringhouse’s online Photography class generously donated some of their pieces. One of the participating students in attendance, Sara Savage, spoke of the experience photographing.

Photography by Jenny Hernandez

“I only started photographing in September. This piece was randomly taken a trip to NYC with my family.”

The talent and works of students speak to the dedication of the professors at PCCC makes for a fruitful environment where both parties can thrive. There is no doubt about how far one can go when feeling the support of their peers and their instructors.

For more information on The Teacher Excellence Project feel free to contact Program Coordinator Tanya Da Silva- located in the PCCC library.

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