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Cares Program Returns to PCCC for Spring 2021 Semester

It has been almost a year. Isn’t that crazy? I am sure I do not need to remind anyone how in March of last year, the spread of Coronavirus in the US killed thousands of people and left millions unemployed and fiscally challenged. Now 11 months later many Americans are still facing economic hardship.

I am but one of those many, many Americans who lost their job in wake of the ongoing pandemic. I have relied heavily on government assistance and “gigging,” to supplement my income, however finding safe and suitable work in my industry has proven challenging and unreliable.

There were moments I feared I would not be able to pay my rent; many sacrifices and tough decisions had to be made. Luckily, PCCC had a program in place to help students like me who were struggling to make ends meet.

With the passing of the CARES Act which provided federal funding to many individuals and institutions in need of assistance comes PCCC’s Cares Program, which directs some of that assistance directly to students.

Last semester when I needed it most, I applied to the program for assistance with my rent. The application was simple and easy. Upon review of my situation I was approved for emergency funding the effectively helped to ease the massive financial burden I had undertaken amidst the pandemic.

I am happy to say that this program is back in action for the Spring semester to provide aid to students in need.

Are you one of those students? If so, submit your application at:

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