Cameras on, Mics off

As the Pandemic continues classes continue to be remote in many instances. Only 20% of classes are face to face, according to President Dr. Steven Rose.

During the Fall many students would not turn on their cameras. Nobody had to worry about waking up and trying to look presentable for school because they kept their cameras off.

Although students could get away with not having their camera’s on during classes last semester, that will change for this semester.

President, Dr. Steven M. Rose elaborated on why it will be mandatory to have cameras turned on during remote classes. “That was a faculty decision,” he answered. Later adding “I’m not sure I have a position on that. I can certainly understand both sides of it, some faculty said ‘we wouldn’t let a student come to class with a paper bag over their head,’ it becomes very unnatural to have your camera off.”

Dr. Rose expressed that he understood students may be concerned about privacy with showing their face on camera, as well as not having the best location in their house or even having enough space. He said students are welcome to use the backgrounds offered on zoom when in class.

In terms of being marked absent from class, “every time I talk with the faculty, I encourage them to be as flexible as possible with the students especially this year,” Dr..Rose said. “I think if any student has a compelling reason as to why they don’t want to use the camera or don’t feel they should, I would hope people will be flexible enough to deal with it.

The general rule is yes have your camera on, but if someone has a compelling reason, I can’t imagine faculty giving them a hard time and I hope they won’t.”

Fellow students don’t forget to keep your cameras on and microphones off this semester!

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