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Business Leadership visits NJ Museum

Updated: Sep 24, 2019

By Shamayra Moses

On April 4, the Business Leadership Club took a field trip to the NJ Museum in Trenton which gave club members the opportunity to ask questions they needed or wanted answers to. Members heard stories from Professor Khloud Kourani about the path she went down, in terms of school, chosen major, and career path. Throughout the museum, we dove into the history of NJ, not the complete history, but everything they had to offer and we did it all together. Collectively, we turned this trip into a wonderful learning experience, whether it was about fossils being found, talking about career paths or getting to know each other. No one really knew what to expect after riding for almost an hour and a half, but we made the best of it as future business leaders should. The opportunity allowed members to simply spend more time with each other, get to know fellow classmates better outside of school, as well as Professor Kourani and Dr. Cox.

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