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Balancing Schoolwork and SGA

Updated: Nov 28

By: Angel Martinez

Brian Trevinos, 20, a student and the Vice President of the Student Government Association (SGA) at PCCC allowed me to pick his brain as to what it's like balancing school and helping the student government run as smoothly as possible. Imagine having to host meetings for the SGA, help out with club activities all while attempting to live a normal student life. This is the kind of responsibility Vice President Trevinos has to balance alongside his everyday life

He works with club coordinators and the treasurer mainly, noting what each club’s goals and functions are and overseeing their activities with the club coordinator to make sure events run smoothly. “I have my classes on top of that, along with my work study in the library. These things take a lot out of me but I managed to get through it because I don’t give up”. This workload would typically overwhelm many students here at PCCC, but Trevinos isn’t any average student. Brian spends most of his time in the office of student affairs where he takes care of his duties as VP and his duties as a student. When asked why he wanted to join the SGA, Trevinos stated “I wanted to be more active on campus.” He explains “I also wanted to be a role model to others while doing a lot more than just go to class”. This definitely shows as Brian can be seen around the different clubs aiding them and making their respective environments feel safe and productive.

“I always think that nothing is perfect and there is always something to fix or improve on.” These are words from our Trevinos when asked about how he’s felt since joining the SGA. This words ring true as plenty of students most likely have things they’d like changed around campus. While I certainly can’t provide any specific examples, I’m certain the SGA have their hands full dealing with students concerns. As previously mentioned, a lot of students would collapse under all of the responsibilities presented in their path, including myself. However Brian Trevinos is hard at work facing the difficulties head on, and it is proving more than successful for him. Balancing your schedule and managing the stress of your workload are very important tasks to make sure you don’t burn out.

It is not unusual for students to simply join the SGA for the sake of having a status or to filling out a resume, but to Trevino it is more than simply a resume filler. To him this is a way to make a difference and to be involved with his fellow students. He works hard to ensure each student has voice so they never feel lost in the shuffle. How often have you felt involved as student? how often have you felt compelled to join a club? How often have you felt like more than just a student? These are the kinds of feelings Vice President Trevinos aims to bring out of some of our best and brightest here at PCCC.

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