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Addiction - There's Nowhere to Run (Haiku) Made Possible by Dixon Rexach Toro...

Updated: Dec 19, 2023

What is Addiction?

What does it mean to distract?

What is Suffering?

Life might be painful,

Is it not better to run?

Where are you going?

Where is there to go?

Life happens because of you.

More pleasure, more pain.

Woe to all who run.

Ignorance was never bliss.

Awareness is Peace.

What are you thinking?

Can you listen to your heart?

Is there love inside?

You know how you feel.

You need to change how you feel.

Shed off the old You.

Embrace all of You.

You need to honor yourself.

Become the Unknown.

Breaking old cycles,

Are you a blight for heartache?

Do you feel relief?

Stop what you’re doing.

The body is hurting, right?

Just embrace it all.

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